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[/av_heading] [/av_section][av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” av_uid=’av-kqehydh0′ admin_preview_bg=”] Many people think of insulation as something homes in cold climates need to keep houses warm in winter. Florida homeowners may not see the value in adding insulation to their homes and attics because of this misconception. The truth is ALL homes and homes in all climates benefit from insulation because insulation provides both heating and cooling benefits.

How Insulation Works

Insulation works by preventing thermal heat transfer. It provides a physical barrier between outside air temperatures and inside air temperatures. This is why it works in all climates and year-round. In cold climates, insulation helps keep warm air inside the house and prevents cold air from penetrating into the living areas. In warm climates it does the opposite. Florida homes that are uncomfortably warm in summer or that must run their air conditioner 24/7 can benefit from insulation.

Attic insulation is particularly important and effective since most heat transfer occurs through the roof. When insulation is placed in the attic, it prevents heat gain and heat loss by blocking air transfer from the area of the home with the largest square footage of exposure….the roof and attic.

Florida Homes Are Not Well-Insulated

Prior to 1975 insulation was not required in Florida homes at all. Between then and now, insulation requirements were added, but efficiency standards have changed with time as have home insulation products and their efficiencies. A home that was insulated to the bare minimum with fiberglass batt insulation in 1985, for example, will not be as efficient as a home that was insulated with modern materials in 2020.

Insulating your home to today’s recommended minimum standard of R30 will make a difference in your home’s comfort and efficiency, but in some cases, even more insulation is necessary to achieve desired comfort and performance.

Insulation Benefits

1. Improved Home Comfort. You will notice a difference in home comfort immediately once new insulation is installed. This is because it keeps heated and cooled air where you want it. Air temperatures remain consistent throughout the home and more comfortable year-round.

2. Lower Electric Bills. A properly insulated home can see as much as a 40% cost savings in energy bills. A one-time investment in insulation will pay off for years to come, especially as energy costs continue to rise.

3. Less Strain on your Air Conditioner. Insulated homes are better able to regulate interior temperatures. This means your A/C will run less and you’ll be able to maintain home comfort at a higher thermostat setting.

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