Radiant barriers are an effective way to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency. These foil barriers are placed in the attic and work best when used in conjunction with attic insulation. The barriers are placed directly against the roof trusses to reflect radiant heat from UV rays back out into the atmosphere, preventing it from entering and heating up your attic and consequently, your house. This helps keep homes cooler in summer and more comfortable year-round, but that is just one benefit of radiant barriers. There are plenty of more reasons to add them to your attic. 

The Best Way to Target Radiant Heat

Sun beating down on your roof has the biggest influence on heat build-up inside the attic. The sun emits radiant energy, which travels as waves of heat. Those heat waves travel through your roofing material and into your attic where they run up against insulation. The insulation prevents thermal heat transfer of the heat into the main living area of the home, but it does nothing to reduce the attic air temperature. Once the heat is inside the attic it has nowhere to go and builds until it starts to infiltrate the walls and ceilings and warm up the house. This forces air conditioners to work harder to keep the house at your desired temperature.

A radiant barrier blocks radiant heat transfer right at the roofline, preventing the heat from even entering the attic, much less warming it up. Radiant barriers will not prevent heat that enters through conduction from entering the attic, but when used with insulation can reduce attic air temperature by 18-22 degrees in summer. It is much more efficient to block heat from entering the home in the first place than it is to try to reduce indoor air temperatures after the fact.

Seven Benefits of Radiant Barriers

  1. Humidity is not a problem. Radiant barriers are made of inorganic, reflective foil and reflect heat away from the home. There are not affected by moisture or humidity and the way they are installed allows for a pocket of air between the roofing and the foil so there is no chance of moisture getting trapped. This makes them an ideal choice for Florida homes. Read More
  1. Radiant barriers are a safe and effective way to reduce the heat effect in your attic. Completely inorganic and containing no VOCs, they promote healthy indoor air quality. Read More
  1. They improve home R-values. Radiant barriers improve thermal efficiency in two ways. First, they reflect 97% of radiant heat encountered. Second, double-sided radiant barriers provide thermal resistance and R-value improvements. Read More
  1. They provide long-lasting improvement. Radiant barriers are thin sheets attached to the roof trusses. They will never settle over time or degrade like insulation can. Read More
  1. They can be used with existing insulation. In fact, radiant barriers work best when used with existing insulation. Insulation prevents thermal heat transfer and radiant barriers help block heat from getting into the home. Together, they tackle two different ways heat enters the home. Radiant foil can be installed over existing insulation, if necessary. Read More
  1. They are rodent-resistant. Many homeowners struggle with mice and rodents making nests in their insulation or chewing through foam boards. That is not a problem with radiant barriers. There is simply nothing for rodents and pests to nest in or consume. Read More
  1. They can be used elsewhere in the house. Radiant barriers are flexible materials that can be used to wrap ducts, pipes, and water heaters to improve efficiencies in these areas too. Read More

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