Florida Attic Insulation Pros specializes in attic insulation and improving home energy efficiency. We use a combination of blown-in loose-fill insulation and radiant barriers to keep homes more comfortable and performing better. Insulation helps prevent heat transfer and radiant barriers help prevent heat from entering through the roof and warming up the rest of the house.

We think radiant barriers are a must for any Florida attic, given our very sunny climate, but the attic isn’t the only place you can use these reflective products.

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Other Places To Use Radiant Barriers In The Home

Radiant barriers are very thin rolls of reflective foil. They are lightweight and easy to cut and handle which makes them very easy to install elsewhere in your home. They work by reflecting heat away from the foil barrier. The most common use for radiant barriers is to block radiant heat from the sun from entering our homes through the roof and attic, but it can hold heat in too and that is why it can be used in so many other ways in the home.

Radiant barriers can be used to:

• wrap ductwork to eliminate heating and cooling loss as air travels through the ducts in the house and further away from the HVAC unit.
• wrap pipes to protect them from temperature extremes.
• wrap houses before siding, brick or stone is installed, replacing traditional house wraps.
• keep rooms that are above attic space more comfortable by insulating the knee wall and attaching a radiant barrier over it.
• cover garage doors and walls to prevent heat infiltration.
• prevent heat gain through cathedral ceilings.

Radiant barriers are multi-functional and can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors to prevent heat from infiltrating.

Let Us Help You Create a More Comfortable, Efficient Home

Radiant barriers are very helping to improving home energy efficiency. Many older homes are too expensive to retrofit to modern energy efficiency standards, but radiant barriers can help you gain some energy efficiency benefits. Call Florida Attic Insulation Pros at 407-775-2230 to learn how and where radiant barriers can be used to improve your home’s function, efficiency, and comfort. We offer free, no obligation quotes throughout Orlando and Central Florida.