Add a radiant barrier to your attic to keep it cooler on sunny days. Pests and rodents avoid this inorganic foil, ensuring long-lasting, effective performance. Call Florida Attic Insulation Pros to learn more about adding a radiant barrier to your attic.

If you have ever had mice get into your attic and start tearing apart the insulation you know what a mess and smell it makes. It also ruins your insulation, requiring full insulation removal and replacement and disinfection of the entire attic. it is messy and expensive.

If this has happened to you, you are probably extra cautious about any new products you install in your home and attic, including radiant barriers. We want to put your fears about radiant barriers falling prey to pests and rodents to rest. It’s completely rodent and pest-resistant!

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Pests Avoid Inorganic Materials

Bugs, rodents, and birds get comfy in attics when they provide either a safe place to nest or something to eat. Radiant barriers offer neither of those benefits so pests leave them alone.

• The barriers are made of very thin foil, which is of no interest to insects and impossible for them to infiltrate.
• Radiant barriers do not offer any nesting material or protection from the cold like batt insulation does, so rodents and birds avoid it.
• It’s made of inorganic material making it moisture-resistant and inhospitable for mold and mildew.

Radiant Barriers Can Help Improve Home Comfort

Radiant barriers improve the function of your attic insulation by preventing radiant heat from the sun from penetrating into your attic. Since the barriers are placed along the roof trusses, they block and reflect radiant heat out and away from the house, rather than absorbing it as insulation does. Radiant barriers reflect 97% of radiant heat. That reduces the workload on your insulation and your home’s cooling system. There is simply less heat for the insulation to try to block from entering the home. The less heat that enters the home from the attic, the cooler the home stays, and the less work for your air conditioner.

Take Advantage Of Our Free Inspection To Find Out If Radiant Barriers Will Work In Your Home

Radiant barriers are an excellent way to improve the function of your attic insulation and make your home more comfortable, even on Florida’s sunniest days. Call Florida Attic Insulation Pros to schedule a free no-obligation consultation and find out if radiant barriers are right for you.

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