One thing homeowners need to be aware of with attic insulation is that it can become damaged and degrade over time, especially if the attic has had moisture infiltration, water or rodent damage. Regular inspections, especially if you have had roof damage, help ensure your insulation maintains its integrity and performance.

That’s one reason we really like radiant barriers – there is little to no maintenance involved once they are installed. Radiant barriers are made of reflective foil to reflect the sun’s heat away from your roof and home. The foil is inorganic which makes it moisture, mold, and water resistant as well as unattractive to rodents and pests. It is a highly effective and long-lasting home improvement that helps keep homes comfortable.

Radiant Barrier Installation

Radiant barriers are thin foil sheets that are installed on the underside of your roof to block and reflect heat as soon as it penetrates your roof. We staple the barriers tightly to the roof trusses along the entire attic interior to prevent hot air from getting into the attic. Unlike insulation, there is no way for radiant barriers to “settle” or compress over time. The worst you might encounter is a staple falling out and a section coming loose or even drooping, but that is easily fixed with fresh stapling or nails.

This makes radiant barriers one of the most effective, affordable, and long-lasting home improvements you can make.

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Improve Home Comfort With Radiant Barrier Installation

Radiant barriers are ideal for our sunny Florida climate. If you are tired of all that great Florida sun heating up your attic and your house, call Florida Attic Insulation Pros. We offer free on-site consultations to explain how radiant barriers will improve your home performance and boost energy efficiency. We install radiant barriers throughout Central Florida including: Orlando, Tampa, Daytona, Kissimmee and the surrounding areas.

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