Improve your home’s comfort and insulation R-value performance with radiant barriers in your attic. Reflect radiant heat away from your roof for a cooler attic that puts less strain on your A/C.

Radiant barriers are an essential part of an effective attic insulation system. We usually think of insulation when we consider the R-value of an attic, but radiant barriers can affect R-values too. Radiant barriers improve thermal efficiency by reflecting radiant heat away from the home. This helps prevent attics from heating up, improving insulation effectiveness and R-value performance.

What is an R-Value?

Insulation R-values refer to the product’s resistance to heat flow. Higher R-values provide more resistance and better insulation performance than lower values. Ultimately, the R-value is just one part of a home’s insulation system which also includes ventilation, radiant barriers, HVAC efficiency, and home size and shape. The Department of Energy recommends between R30 and R60 levels in Florida attics, depending on the home’s needs.

How Radiant Barriers Help

Radiant barriers do not have R-value since they do not have insulative properties. Instead, they help support insulation function and R-value performance by preventing heat from entering the home via the attic. Radiant barriers reflect as much as 97% of the radiant heat that hits them.

When the sun hits your roof, radiant heat flows or is transferred through the attic space until it encounters resistance from the insulation. At that point, the heat stops being radiant and becomes conductive heat, which moves through the insulation where it encounters resistance and is blocked from entering the home through the ceiling or wall.

This is why we always suggest using radiant barriers and insulation in an attic. Each are excellent products on their own, but when used together they provide much greater heat defense. The less radiant heat that enters your home, the less conductive heat your insulation has to combat. This dual-level of protection keeps homes cooler and more comfortable.

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Find Out How Radiant Barriers Can Help Improve Your Home’s Efficiency

If you notice that your home heats up on sunny days, you can benefit from installing a radiant barrier in your attic. Contact Florida Attic Insulation Pros to arrange a free no-obligation consultation. We install radiant barriers and insulation throughout Orlando, Tampa, and Central Florida to improve home efficiencies and comfort.