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Radiant barriers are thin pieces of reflective foil that are attached to the roof trusses inside your attic. These barriers play a supporting role to insulation, by helping to prevent radiant heat from entering the attic through the roof. It does this by reflecting radiant heat back to the atmosphere instead of allowing the roof and attic to absorb it. You can learn more about radiant barriers here.

Humidity and Home Comfort

One of the biggest benefits to using radiant barriers in Florida is that they are unaffected by humidity. Humidity is a near-constant in Florida and it can affect your home’s comfort level and performance if it enters the home through open windows and doors or air leaks. Ideally, you have insulation in your home. Insulation can help keep your home more comfortable on those very hot and humid days, but it only works if the insulation has never been damaged by water or moisture. Tiny open pockets of air are essential to insulation function because they help to trap heat. Wet or damp insulation can’t perform as well because it loses these air pockets.

We do not have those same concerns with radiant barriers.

Radiant Barriers and Humidity

Since radiant barriers are made of inorganic foil, they do not absorb or retain moisture like insulation can, even moisture from humidity. Although a radiant barrier can’t help as far as making an environment less humid, it can help reduce the added heat effect of a hot, humid environment by blocking radiant heat from contributing to a hot attic and, consequently, your home. Since radiant barriers are installed directly to the roof trusses in the attic, there is an air gap between the foil and the underside of the roof, eliminating the chance of moisture getting trapped there if you ever have a roof leak or damage.

Add Radiant Barriers To Your Home

Most Florida homes can benefit from adding radiant barriers to their attics. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of radiant barriers and how they can help make your home more comfortable and efficient, contact Florida Attic Insulation Pros. We offer free quotes throughout Orlando and Central Florida.

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