Lower your energy bills by installing Green Fiber insulation in your attic. Think of your home as a thermos with your roof being the cap. The roof of a home can easily be the weakest section of the home when it comes to insulation. The hot air easily travels out the roof when it is cold outside and conversely the cold air travels out the roof when it is hot outside. At Florida Attic Insulation Pros our goal is to save you money on your energy bills by conserving the amount of money you spend on energy on both cooling and warming your home.

Insulation for Central Florida Homes In the Summer Time

Do you think that there’s no need for insulation in your attic in the Orlando area during the summer months?  Think again!  Without proper insulation that cold air you are pumping into your household is looking for any way to escape your house.  The summer heat in Central Florida can be humid and air conditioning systems throughout the region is hard at work, but what if your cooling system did not have to work as hard?  What if you could run your air conditioner 20 to 30 percent less during the day than you currently do?  Think it’s impossible?  It’s actually very possible.  Think of your home as a cooler.  Florida Attic Insulation Pros can make sure that the top of your cooler is sealed up helping to keep your home at a much cooler temperature and provide you refuge from the Florida heat at a lower cost.  Saving you money while making your home a more comfortable place for you is our main goal.

When it comes to home temperature, think of your home as a front door.  Just as you would not want to leave your front door open and allow hot or cold air out, the same principle applies to your attic.  Your attic lets out way more air than an open front door could and it’s easy to provide insulation to prevent that from occurring.  Let’s close the biggest portal in your household that allows for heating and cooling temperatures to exit your home. Call Florida Attic Insulation Pros today!