Let Us Remove Your Old, Bad Insulation – Attic Insulation and Attic Sanitization. Make Your Home, Attic Healthy and Clean Again

Step 1. Removal

We removal all your old attic insulation in your attic. This includes removal of blown insulation (fiberglass or cellulose) and batting insulation.

Step 2. Sanitization

After the removal is completed, we then sanitize your attic with DSV. This will neutralize a lot of the organic compounds in the attic and great if you had a rodent infestation.

cleaning out attic of old insulation

Step 3. Air Sealing

Attic air sealing is super important as this will help stop the flow of hot attic air from entering into your home through gaps, crack and intrusions. We only use Soudal Foam for attic Air Sealing (Made in Germany) to attic air seal.

air sealing an attic

Step 4. Re-Insulation

This is the fun part, after removal, sanitization and attic air sealing, we add the proper amount of attic insulation, either to an R30 level or an R38 level using Owens Corning ProPink L77a Attic Insulation.

cellulose attic insulation

The first step to a healthy home is first removing old, bad and contaminated attic insulation. If your home is more than 20 years old, generally the insulation is old and possible contaminated with mold, mildew, pollen, animal urine, animal feces and other containments that can make your home unhealthy to live in.

We are the experts at removing old and unhealthy attic insulation. Our 4-step attic insulation removal process is the first step to a healthy home. Call us for a free quote 407-775-2230.

Most cost effective and beneficial for our circumstances…

Dennis called to schedule an in-home free estimate for services right away. He came out the same day, on the weekend. He was able to assess what would be most cost effective and beneficial for our circumstances. He beat the competition by a great amount and was polite and cleaned up afterwards. He explained everything that was to be done and suggested what might be beneficial in the future. Overall, I don’t think we could have had a better experience finding someone for this job. Shout out to his helper Lee as well.

Toni Coleman, Home Owner/Lakeland

Level of service…

A+++. Excellent service. Could not believe the level of service and the explanation of insulation and what was best for my home. Thanks again.

Isaiah Johnson, Home Owner/Orlando

Cooler house…

We had our home blown in by Dennis and his Team. The house has plenty of insulation in the front access, but upon inspection, we only had between 4″ and 5″ in the rest of the house. We had an additional 10″ blown into the house. 

Eric Ingles, Home Owner/Sarasota

attic removal bags and old insulation