Attic Sanitization Will Get Your Attic Feeling Fresh and Healthy Again

Note: Attic Sanitization is only provided with Attic Insulation Removal

Is Your Attic Making You Sick?

There are 2 reasons why your attic may be making you sick. The first reason is time. Over several years or decades, build-up of pollen, allergies, dirt and other organic materials will accumulate in your attic. As your home breathes, that dirty air will make it into your home where you breathe the dirty and contaminated air.

The second way is through a rodent infestation leaves animal urine, animal feces and diseases that these vermin bring into you home.  Vermin can infest your home and over the days and weeks, these harmful germs make there way into your home and can make your entire family sick.

At this point, you need insulation removal and attic sanitization.