Air Sealing. Sounds Magical, and It Is.

What Is Attic Air Sealing?

Attic Air Sealing is the process foam sealing to prevent hot attic air from entering the conditioned space via “builders crack”, header top plates, intrusions, wiring outlets, plumbing accesses and more.

Attic Air Sealing is the number one reason why your home is leaky, which leads to higher electric bills.

Air Sealing Benefits

  • Less Dust
  • Cooler Rooms
  • Cleaner Home
  • Reduce Noise Infiltration
  • Less Humidity
  • Stop the Bugs

We only attic air seal when we have removed all of your old insulation, which gives us full access to your attic system. After we have air sealed your attic, we sanitize your attic to kill all the organic matter in your attic, and then we finally blow in attic insulation to the appropriate R-Value.

air sealing attic and intrusions