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Florida is known for its warm climate, which may be comfortable in winter, but can get unbearably hot and muggy in the summer months. Keeping homes comfortably cool in the depths of summer can seem like a never-ending battle between the sun’s rays and your A/C unit.

Adding attic insulation can help you win this battle, reduce your energy usage, and lower your energy bills.

Attic Insulation Protects Your Home From Excess Heat

As the Florida sun beats down on your roof, it heats up the attic. Without adequate insulation, that heat radiates through the floor of the attic to the rooms underneath. Your natural response will be to crank up the air conditioner to try and combat the rise in temperature. You know what happens next: the air conditioner unit clicks on and off all day long or worse, continually runs, to maintain a steady indoor temperature…and you cringe every time the next electric bill arrives.

Attic insulation provides a barrier against this outside heat, keeping it out of the rooms below. Your home doesn’t get as hot inside, making it easier for your air-conditioning unit to maintain a constant temperature in the home. With the A/C unit running less, you’ll notice a drop in energy consumption and lower electric bills.

Additional insulation has a similar effect in winter too, blocking indoor heat from escaping through the ceilings and roofs and blocking colder attic air from entering the home. Your furnace will function more efficiently, keeping rooms more consistently warm in winter.

Contact Florida Attic Insulation Pros For A More Comfortable, Energy-Efficient Home

Florida Attic Insulation Pros insulates attics in the Orlando, Tampa, and Daytona areas and beyond to make homes more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round. We use OwensCorning blown insulation for its’ superior performance, high R-Value, and top-quality performance.

Call 407-775-2230 or schedule online to receive a no-obligation quote and enjoy lower energy bills this summer!

Florida Attic Insulation Pros – Keeping Your Home Cooler and More Comfortable While Reducing Your Electric Bill!

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