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The Orlando and Central Florida has a large mix of homes and town houses that have different types of attics and many were built after the 1970’s. One would think that modern construction would be accompanied by the proper amounts of insulation. The reality is that many homes in the area have less insulation than what is recommended. One simple way to tell, if you look into your attic and the insulation level is lower than the rafters in your attic, chances are your home does not have the recommended insulation amount.

Why is this important? After all Florida is a hot state. It is actually the heat that makes insulation necessary. Most attics in the Central Florida area are a hot bed of heat throughout the year. The only thing protecting one’s home from the heat outdoor and attic heat is insulation. The drywall in one’s ceiling will not be able to handle it alone. The state of Florida recommends an R Value of 30 for most homes. R Value is the amount of insulation effectiveness in relation to the amount of inches of insulation. An R Value of 30 translates roughly into around 10 inches of insulation.

If you’re in the Orlando area and you look at your attic and you’re thinking, how can I install more insulation in my attic in Orlando? Call Florida Attic Insulation Pros. We can give you a full assessment to see if more insulation is needed in your attic. For more information on attic insulation in Orlando call (407) 775-2230 or check out our website at:

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