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When buying a home in Orlando, often times attic insulation is not the first thing home owners think about. Often times it is a home inspector prior to a home purchase that mentions to a home owner they are under insulated. Home owners also start finding out about attic insulation when they notice that they have hot rooms in their house even though the air conditioning is on full blast.

How much attic insulation is enough when you live in Central Florida or the Greater Orlando area? Attic insulation is measure by using an R-Value scale. The R-Rating measure the effectiveness of the insulation material in attic in relation to the amount of actual inches of material used. Current experts recommend home owners in Orlando have a minimum R-Rating of R-30 while for the best comfort R-38 is recommended. Most homes come with some insulation and some have little to no insulation.

Here’s an example scenario we at Florida Attic Insulation Pros find often. Let’s say you check your attic and you find that you have six inches of fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass is typically a puffy type of insulation that is either a light pink or snow white in color and often times it is laid in sheets. Six inches of Fiberglass insulation would leave you with an R-Rating of 18. There is probably some level of effectiveness there however just like with your refrigerator at home you want to close the door all the way to maximize efficiency. It is the same principle here. For maximum effectiveness experts recommend you would want to increase your R-Rating to 38 which would be another 6 inches of insulation either Fiberglass or a Cellulose blend.

If you feel that your home might be lacking insulation in the Orlando and Central Florida area, feel free to give Florida Attic Insulation Pros a call at 407-775-2230 or check out our website at

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